Getting Started with Azure Device Provisioning Service

Azure and IoT Hub provide the ability to register and connect individual IoT devices so that their telemetry data can be sent and received in the cloud. This is great but what do you do if you have hundreds or even thousands of devices? Individually registering them is not feasible and would be a maintenance nightmare. We need a solution for these types of scenarios.

This article will describe what the Azure Device Provisioning Service is and how you can use it to maintain multiple IoT devices with Azure at scale.

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Starting Out with Azure IoT Edge

In today’s article I’d like to discuss Azure IoT Edge and how you can get started with it. I will be explaining the benefits of Azure IoT Edge and providing a couple of demos to demonstrate how you can create a very simple IoT solution using an IoT Edge device.

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Reading Sensors on the MXChip AZ3166 IoT Device

Recently I have been playing around with the MXChip IoT DevKit device (AZ3166, you can purchase one here) and I’ve noticed that while there are great code samples designed to get you started with the MXChip DevKit, there aren’t any basic examples showing you how to use the different sensors built into the device. This article aims to go through each of the available on-board sensors (temperature & humidity, pressure, accelerometer & gyroscope, and magnetometer) and give examples on how to use them.

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